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Why Customer Support is important for your business..!!!

When your business is on a low budget, there are probably several functions that are high-priority when allocating funds. Of course, your product team could use some financial assistance and marketing — especially advertising — could always use a little padding. However, it might seem like a waste to invest money in your customer service […]

Anti-DDoS Prevention for your Server.!!!!

A Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) is, unfortunately, an increasingly common form of premeditated attack against an organization’s web infrastructure. Typically, it involves using multiple external systems to flood the target system with requests with the intention of overwhelming the system with network traffic. These attacks work because an unprotected system may find it difficult to […]

Installation and Configuration of mod_pagespeed Module with Apache | Ubuntu 18.4

Mod_pagespeed is an Apache module that can be used to improve the speed of the Apache web server on Linux. Mod_pagespeed has several filters that automatically optimize Web Pages to improve better performance. It supports several operating systems such as Fedora, RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS. Mod_pagespeed module does not require modifications to existing content […]

Why we need Agile Project Management Methodology..?

Agile project management provides numerous benefits to organizations, project teams, and products. Key benefits and how to maximize them: Better product quality: Agile methods have excellent safeguards to make sure that quality is as high as possible by Taking a proactive approach to quality to prevent product problems Embracing technological excellence, good design, and sustainable development […]

How to install Jenkins in Ubuntu..!!

Jenkins Installation on Ubuntu 18.4 Jenkins is an open-source automation server that offers an easy way to set up a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. Continuous integration (CI) is a DevOps practice in which team members regularly commit their code changes to the version control repository, after which automated builds and tests are run. […]

How to use SSH Key..!!!

Creating SSH Keys On your Mac or Linux machine, open Terminal. Note: If you are using a Windows OS to SSH into a server, you will need to download third-party software as Windows does not allow SSH by default. Verify that you have a .ssh folder in your $HOME directory. If the folder does not exist, create it: $ mkdir […]

How to Secure you SSH Connection in Ubuntu 18.4

Creating a New Sudo User It is always best practice to disallow root authentication over SSH since this is the username people will try to hack into the most. Thus, the first thing we want to do to secure our server is create a new sudo user for SSH. To do so, enter the following […]

Install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 18.4 & 16.4

Installing Apache Note: We will assume that a non-root user has been configured for the purposes of this guide. If it has not, you can run all commands without sudo privileges. However, we recommend only using the root user when there is no other option. To configure a new sudo user, please check out the Creating a […]

All about CI/CD Pipleline..!!!!

A CI/CD Pipeline implementation, or Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, is the backbone of the modern DevOps environment. It bridges the gap between development and operations teams by automating the building, testing, and deployment of applications. In this blog, we will learn what a CI/CD pipeline is and how it works. Before moving onto the CI/CD pipeline, […]